MTG Card Price Tracker

Updated: Thu Jul 27 03:34:24 UTC 2017

   50 biggest gainers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
Azusa, Lost but SeekingChampions of Kamigawa$41.99+8.51
AEther VialDarksteel$44.37+6.37
Leyline of the VoidM11$23.99+4.97
Coastal Piracy8th Edition$6.59+4.70
Liliana, the Last HopeEldritch Moon$32.99+4.00
Sword of Feast and FamineMirrodin Besieged$25.82+4.00
Angel of InventionKaladesh$7.03+3.90
Solemn SimulacrumM12$8.38+3.50
Magus of the MoonFuture Sight$37.29+3.34
Chalice of the VoidMirrodin$91.79+2.93
Blinkmoth NexusDarksteel$8.61+2.88
Primordial HydraM12$10.23+2.79
Swiftfoot BootsM12$3.68+2.73
Arid MesaZendikar$34.2+2.70
Akroma's MemorialFuture Sight$22.7+2.38
Mirror GalleryBetrayers of Kamigawa$14.24+2.25
Vedalken OrreryFifth Dawn$12.24+2.25
Oracle of Mul DayaZendikar$22.22+2.23
Jace, Memory AdeptM12$9.08+2.09
Tooth and NailMirrodin$20.66+1.97
Phyrexian SoulgorgerColdsnap$5.99+1.90
Leyline of SanctityM11$27.79+1.84
Chandra, Torch of DefianceKaladesh$31.16+1.79
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$134.12+1.71
Balefire DragonInnistrad$13.7+1.65
Staff of DominationFifth Dawn$21.48+1.61
Ranger of EosShards of Alara$4.89+1.60
Lord of the Undead10th Edition$13.74+1.59
Adarkar Wastes10th Edition$11.16+1.57
Leyline of the VoidGuildpact$22.33+1.52
Intruder Alarm8th Edition$10.49+1.49
Primeval TitanM11$10.91+1.43
Arcum DagssonColdsnap$15.0+1.40
Leyline of AnticipationM11$12.38+1.39
Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothM15$17.02+1.38
Caves of Koilos10th Edition$3.36+1.36
Sunpetal GroveM12$3.21+1.35
Blackcleave CliffsScars of Mirrodin$21.99+1.33

   50 biggest Losers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Pithing NeedleSaviors of Kamigawa$6.24-14.75
Ajani, Valiant ProtectorAether Revolt$7.49-9.73
Snapcaster MageInnistrad$46.35-5.94
Training GroundsRise of the Eldrazi$12.0-4.01
Liliana of the VeilInnistrad$85.66-3.58
Living EndTime Spiral$22.11-3.55
Sen TripletsAlara Reborn$21.99-3.34
Rhys the RedeemedShadowmoor$19.99-2.93
Sliver LegionFuture Sight$43.44-2.72
Mycosynth LatticeDarksteel$31.31-2.60
Twilight MireEventide$31.48-2.50
Scrying SheetsColdsnap$12.74-2.41
DamnationPlanar Chaos$28.39-2.35
Through the BreachChampions of Kamigawa$42.49-2.30
Joiner Adept10th Edition$2.0-2.00
Karn LiberatedNew Phyrexia$68.39-1.75
Kozilek, Butcher of TruthRise of the Eldrazi$26.66-1.67
Crucible of Worlds10th Edition$70.81-1.65
Tendo Ice BridgeBetrayers of Kamigawa$3.46-1.63
Avenger of ZendikarWorldwake$6.79-1.57
Sheoldred, Whispering OneNew Phyrexia$21.31-1.52
Mishra's BaubleColdsnap$31.15-1.52
Mox OpalScars of Mirrodin$59.99-1.50
Master of EtheriumShards of Alara$4.49-1.47
Shared AnimosityMorningtide$10.0-1.47
Nourishing ShoalBetrayers of Kamigawa$6.63-1.44
Jace BelerenM11$6.36-1.43
Sensei's Divining TopChampions of Kamigawa$13.89-1.35
Pact of NegationFuture Sight$31.66-1.33
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn Restored$51.87-1.29
Jace, the Living GuildpactM15$2.65-1.26
Blood Moon8th Edition$27.99-1.25
Linvala, Keeper of SilenceRise of the Eldrazi$14.74-1.25
Startled AwakeShadows over Innistrad$5.74-1.25
Steam VentsReturn to Ravnica$11.45-1.25
Bloodstained MireKhans of Tarkir$16.97-1.18
Puresteel PaladinNew Phyrexia$6.09-1.17
Arlinn KordShadows over Innistrad$5.56-1.16
Spirebluff CanalKaladesh$8.0-1.13
Time WarpM10$18.33-1.08
Koth of the HammerScars of Mirrodin$9.74-1.05
Saffi EriksdotterTime Spiral$6.89-1.05
Kolaghan's CommandDragons of Tarkir$13.82-1.04