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Updated: Wed Mar 31 23:16:46 UTC 2021

   50 biggest gainers of the day

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
Thrumming StoneColdsnap$51.78+16.24
Consecrated SphinxMirrodin Besieged$47.99+10.25
Craterhoof BehemothAvacyn Restored$69.97+10.22
Field of the DeadCore Set 2020$24.98+7.00
Kykar, Wind's FuryCore Set 2020$9.98+6.13
Morophon, the BoundlessModern Horizons$14.26+5.37
Imprisoned in the MoonEldritch Moon$7.94+4.85
The First SliverModern Horizons$29.12+4.78
Finale of DevastationWar of the Spark$33.97+3.31
Drakuseth, Maw of FlamesCore Set 2020$6.8+3.31
Ajani, Strength of the PrideCore Set 2020$14.78+3.30
Mind GrindGatecrash$7.48+3.24
Lich Lord of UnxAlara Reborn$14.99+3.00
Hellkite TyrantGatecrash$27.79+2.80
Mox TantaliteModern Horizons$6.48+2.76
Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianModern Horizons$16.48+2.76
Vilis, Broker of BloodCore Set 2020$6.38+2.67
Seasoned PyromancerModern Horizons$30.96+2.59
Kaalia, Zenith SeekerCore Set 2020$4.98+2.57
Thassa, God of the SeaTheros$16.98+2.49
Growing Rites of ItlimocIxalan$28.4+2.40
Castle GarenbrigThrone of Eldraine$7.5+2.29
Krark's ThumbMirrodin$20.0+2.28
Sword of Feast and FamineMirrodin Besieged$44.25+2.26
Sword of the AnimistMagic Origins$12.24+2.24
Nath of the Gilt-LeafLorwyn$7.79+2.21
Venser, the SojournerScars of Mirrodin$20.1+2.20
Jace, Memory AdeptM13$8.0+2.04
Sacred FoundryGatecrash$15.0+2.02
Myojin of Life's WebChampions of Kamigawa$4.78+2.00
Klothys, God of Destiny (Showcase)Theros Beyond Death$8.5+2.00
Embercleave (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$24.98+1.99
Inkmoth NexusMirrodin Besieged$25.98+1.99
Karn LiberatedNew Phyrexia$31.97+1.99
Liliana, Dreadhorde GeneralWar of the Spark$26.99+1.99
Surgical ExtractionNew Phyrexia$20.74+1.86
Rhythm of the WildRavnica Allegiance$4.18+1.82
Heliod, Sun-Crowned (Showcase)Theros Beyond Death$29.93+1.81
Cunning LethemancerShards of Alara$5.49+1.74
Bishop of WingsCore Set 2020$6.68+1.71
Razaketh, the FoulbloodedHour of Devastation$27.5+1.71
Elvish ReclaimerCore Set 2020$6.49+1.70
Torrential GearhulkKaladesh$7.98+1.64
Altar of the BroodKhans of Tarkir$6.62+1.63
Sword of Sinew and SteelModern Horizons$10.74+1.63
Omnath, Locus of the RoilCore Set 2020$10.97+1.60
Leyline of AbundanceCore Set 2020$3.47+1.55
Walking BallistaAether Revolt$15.0+1.50

   50 biggest Losers of the day

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Michiko Konda, Truth SeekerSaviors of Kamigawa$32.58-12.37
Crucible of Worlds10th Edition$50.99-9.00
Snapcaster MageInnistrad$42.99-8.76
Emrakul, the Promised EndEldritch Moon$37.07-8.75
Bloodstained MireKhans of Tarkir$28.99-8.41
Blood CryptReturn to Ravnica$16.99-6.65
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$53.2-6.48
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$39.99-5.98
Assassin's TrophyGuilds of Ravnica$12.11-5.88
Helm of the HostDominaria$11.99-5.01
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$54.99-5.01
Crucible of WorldsFifth Dawn$44.74-5.00
Sliver HiveM15$22.03-4.96
Grand AbolisherM12$29.48-4.52
Roil ElementalZendikar$11.5-4.50
Painful QuandaryScars of Mirrodin$17.33-4.42
Mikaeus, the UnhallowedDark Ascension$49.98-4.26
Crucible of WorldsCore Set 2019$34.99-4.00
Flooded StrandKhans of Tarkir$21.99-4.00
Torment of HailfireHour of Devastation$16.99-3.80
Blood CryptDissension$20.64-3.59
Mox AmberDominaria$27.99-3.49
Dryad of the Ilysian GroveTheros Beyond Death$11.99-3.25
DamnationPlanar Chaos$41.98-3.00
AsceticismScars of Mirrodin$15.13-2.85
Sorin MarkovZendikar$9.39-2.61
Maelstrom NexusAlara Reborn$3.17-2.58
Hedron CrabZendikar$3.27-2.46
Pact of NegationFuture Sight$30.79-2.20
Verdant CatacombsZendikar$64.35-1.93
Noble HierarchConflux$16.95-1.83
Grave Pact10th Edition$21.99-1.76
Ajani GoldmaneM11$4.68-1.71
Elvish Champion8th Edition$22.34-1.65
Stoneforge MasterworkOath of the Gatewatch$1.64-1.60
Spell QuellerEldritch Moon$7.99-1.50
Kozilek, Butcher of TruthRise of the Eldrazi$117.5-1.49
Needle SpecterEventide$5.5-1.48
Thassa's OracleTheros Beyond Death$11.51-1.48
Misty RainforestZendikar$70.49-1.47
Mass HysteriaMirrodin$10.45-1.29
Scion of OonaLorwyn$7.76-1.19
Ink-Eyes, Servant of OniBetrayers of Kamigawa$16.88-1.11
EmbercleaveThrone of Eldraine$10.49-1.10
Tamiyo, the Moon SageAvacyn Restored$18.84-1.04
Fauna ShamanM11$16.27-1.00
Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir$41.49-1.00