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Updated: Sun Oct 31 23:36:24 UTC 2021

   50 biggest gainers of the day

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
The Great Henge (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$78.5+78.50
Mox OpalScars of Mirrodin$77.0+77.00
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$49.98+49.98
Blightsteel ColossusMirrodin Besieged$43.85+43.85
Resplendent AngelCore Set 2019$39.74+39.74
Craterhoof BehemothAvacyn Restored$38.34+38.34
Inkmoth NexusMirrodin Besieged$34.48+34.48
Grave Pact10th Edition$31.99+31.99
Grand AbolisherM12$30.96+30.96
Skithiryx, the Blight DragonScars of Mirrodin$30.5+30.50
Exquisite BloodAvacyn Restored$29.39+29.39
Nyxbloom Ancient (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$27.53+27.53
Gisela, the Broken BladeEldritch Moon$26.99+26.99
Shadowspear (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$26.97+26.97
Neheb, the EternalHour of Devastation$25.98+25.98
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$25.97+25.97
Underworld Breach (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$24.96+24.96
Contagion EngineScars of Mirrodin$24.45+24.45
Field of the DeadCore Set 2020$24.42+24.42
Thassa's Oracle (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$24.4+24.40
The Scarab GodHour of Devastation$24.4+24.40
Nicol Bolas, the RavagerCore Set 2019$24.2+24.20
Crucible of Worlds10th Edition$22.39+22.39
Phyrexian ObliteratorNew Phyrexia$21.83+21.83
Brazen Borrower // Petty Theft (Showcase)Throne of Eldraine$21.1+21.10
Oko, Thief of Crowns (Borderless)Throne of Eldraine$20.01+20.01
Gishath, Sun's AvatarIxalan$19.99+19.99
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$19.93+19.93
Coat of Arms9th Edition$18.92+18.92
ScapeshiftCore Set 2019$18.78+18.78
Ranger-Captain of EosModern Horizons$18.46+18.46
Coat of Arms8th Edition$17.98+17.98
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$17.49+17.49
Growing Rites of ItlimocIxalan$16.99+16.99
Elvish Champion10th Edition$16.96+16.96
Triumph of the HordesNew Phyrexia$16.73+16.73
Embercleave (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$16.49+16.49
Castle Locthwain (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$16.48+16.48
Coat of ArmsM10$16.37+16.37
Oko, Thief of CrownsThrone of Eldraine$16.09+16.09
Hero of BladeholdMirrodin Besieged$15.99+15.99
Heroic InterventionAether Revolt$15.98+15.98
Coat of Arms10th Edition$15.97+15.97
Doubling Cube10th Edition$15.97+15.97
Sacred FoundryGuilds of Ravnica$15.85+15.85
Cryptolith RiteShadows over Innistrad$15.14+15.14
Razaketh, the FoulbloodedHour of Devastation$14.99+14.99
Font of MythosConflux$14.92+14.92
Torment of HailfireHour of Devastation$14.88+14.88
Seedborn Muse10th Edition$14.86+14.86

   50 biggest Losers of the day

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Greater AuramancyShadowmoor$55.49-29.50
Parallel LivesInnistrad$42.98-22.01
Ulamog, the Ceaseless HungerBattle for Zendikar$35.49-19.50
Chrome MoxMirrodin$70.98-19.01
Bloodline KeeperInnistrad$12.99-16.00
Vorinclex, Voice of HungerNew Phyrexia$16.84-13.15
Painter's ServantShadowmoor$55.98-11.01
Finale of DevastationWar of the Spark$36.98-10.01
Anointed ProcessionAmonkhet$39.99-10.00
Emrakul, the Promised EndEldritch Moon$39.99-10.00
The First SliverModern Horizons$19.31-9.57
Blood CryptReturn to Ravnica$12.49-9.50
Snapcaster MageInnistrad$15.8-9.19
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn Restored$50.97-9.02
Sword of Feast and FamineMirrodin Besieged$46.5-8.49
Crucible of WorldsFifth Dawn$21.99-8.00
Crucible of WorldsCore Set 2019$17.01-7.98
Karn LiberatedNew Phyrexia$15.54-7.45
Morophon, the BoundlessModern Horizons$22.58-7.41
Painful QuandaryScars of Mirrodin$2.84-7.15
Sarkhan UnbrokenDragons of Tarkir$17.97-7.02
Elesh Norn, Grand CenobiteNew Phyrexia$39.98-7.01
Ajani, Strength of the PrideCore Set 2020$2.98-7.01
Kozilek, the Great DistortionOath of the Gatewatch$12.14-6.85
Ashling, the ExtinguisherEventide$5.2-6.79
Consecrated SphinxMirrodin Besieged$16.28-6.60
The Immortal SunRivals of Ixalan$23.88-6.11
PolyraptorRivals of Ixalan$14.99-6.00
Savor the MomentShadowmoor$20.99-6.00
Chulane, Teller of TalesThrone of Eldraine$9.01-5.98
ShadowspearTheros Beyond Death$17.59-5.90
Overgrown TombGuilds of Ravnica$10.25-5.74
Planar BridgeAether Revolt$2.27-5.72
Platinum EmperionScars of Mirrodin$12.33-5.66
Jace, the Mind SculptorWorldwake$44.42-5.57
Grafted ExoskeletonScars of Mirrodin$3.46-5.53
Puresteel PaladinNew Phyrexia$8.56-5.43
Wooded BastionShadowmoor$7.68-5.21
Sarkhan, FirebloodCore Set 2019$9.68-5.20
Sorin MarkovM12$8.91-5.08
Sword of War and PeaceNew Phyrexia$11.99-5.00
Temporal TrespassFate Reforged$20.93-4.95
Sword of Sinew and SteelModern Horizons$9.07-4.92
Bolas's CitadelWar of the Spark$7.19-4.80
Underworld BreachTheros Beyond Death$15.1-4.78
Liliana, Untouched by DeathCore Set 2019$2.25-4.74
Torpor OrbNew Phyrexia$7.99-4.50
Jin-Gitaxias, Core AugurNew Phyrexia$10.5-4.49
Tooth and NailMirrodin$19.42-4.46
Darksteel JuggernautScars of Mirrodin$0.62-4.37