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Corbin Hosler

PROTRADER: All About That Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

Thu, 08 Oct 2015
By: Corbin Hosler Bad headline puns aside, it’s true that kid Jace is everywhere these days. That is, if by "everywhere," you accept "in the headlines" as a fulfillment. The truth is that Jace isn’t the powerhouse in eternal formats he’s made out to be, but he is a good planeswalker that sees play and rightfully is earning … Continue reading PROTRADER: All About That Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy […]

Douglas Johnson

Colorless Transparency

Thu, 08 Oct 2015
By: Douglas Johnson (Credit for the cover photo alterations goes to Sean, @SeanOhhhh on Twitter.) So, uhhhh… how about that Jace, eh?  Actually, I really don’t care about the card. I’ve never even owned an Origins Jace, and I certainly don’t plan on buying in at $80. You’ll hear about the mono-blue mind master in much more detail from several … Continue reading Colorless Transparency […]

Travis Allen

PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar Weak Zero

Wed, 07 Oct 2015
By: Travis Allen Tired of reading about this weekend’s SCG Open? Well it’s only Wednesday buddy. You’ve got three more days of it. The first story of the week is Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. Holey moley. On Friday night we were treated to #saitowayfinder, which is when Saito posts photos of tons of sweet brews for … Continue reading PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar Weak Zero […]

Jason Alt

Making More Enemies

Wed, 07 Oct 2015
By: Jason Alt Welcome back to the articles series that tricks finance people into caring about EDH and tricks EDH people into caring about finance. I like the concept of “edutainment,” but I think I am beginning to like the concept of “eduception” better. It’s like that video “Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land”  where you realize after the … Continue reading Making More Enemies […]

Derek Madlem

Going Mad – Welcome to the Rodeo

Tue, 06 Oct 2015
By: Derek Madlem The Battle for Zendikar is under way, those of you who’ve peaked the fat pack insert already know the outcome, but for the rest of us…we have other concerns. Expeditions In case you missed all the Magic financiers jumping from buildings doing their best impression of a 1929 stock broker, Expeditions prices … Continue reading Going Mad – Welcome to the Rodeo […]

Modern gain - last day

Card Set Price Gain
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$187.11+24.12
Blood Moon9th Edition$46.41+9.10
Scalding TarnZendikar$84.11+8.50
Cryptic CommandModern Masters$33.74+8.23
Grove of the BurnwillowsFuture Sight$56.59+7.60

Modern loss - last day

Card Set Price Loss
Felidar SovereignZendikar$8.03-2.04
It That BetraysRise of the Eldrazi$13.41-1.58
Goblin RabblemasterM15$5.16-1.37
Sedge SliverTime Spiral$9.72-1.27

Modern gain - last week

Card Set Price Gain
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$187.11+24.11
Sliver LegionFuture Sight$45.34+15.34
Horizon CanopyFuture Sight$59.31+13.31
Grove of the BurnwillowsFuture Sight$56.59+10.59
Dark DepthsColdsnap$50.49+9.28

Modern loss - last week

Card Set Price Loss
Misty RainforestZendikar$63.35-12.08
TarmogoyfModern Masters$164.61-5.67
Goblin GuideZendikar$28.9-3.67
Umezawa's JitteBetrayers of Kamigawa$28.53-3.54
Crucible of WorldsFifth Dawn$40.49-3.50