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James Chillcott


Mon, 26 Jan 2015
By: James Chillcott (@MTGCritic) This weekend Fate Reforged made a huge and immediate impact on both Standard and Modern, with cards from the set showing up at top tables of major tournaments immediately upon going legal. Most of our other gainers come as the result of the recent Banned & Restricted announcements which have shaken … Continue reading WEEKLY MTGPRICE.COM MOVERS: JAN 25TH/15 […]

Jared Yost

The Spread on Khans of Tarkir

Mon, 26 Jan 2015
By: Jared Yost One of the most important data items about a card’s value is something that Magic financiers have coined “the spread”. What we mean by this is how much does a store’s demand (buylist price) compare to the market demand for that same card (fair trade price)? By representing this demand mathematically we … Continue reading The Spread on Khans of Tarkir […]

Cliff Daigle

Why Should I Care

Fri, 23 Jan 2015
By: Cliff Daigle Magic has a lot of formats. Some of these are sanctioned and approved and have products released just for that crowd. Others are fleeting and ephemeral, gone almost as soon as you heard about them. This is just another reason why Magic is going into its third decade: the structure of the … Continue reading Why Should I Care […]


Day 2 Mobile App Update: $8,945 of $10,000 raised!

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
By: admin (Kickstarter link is here: We’ve almost hit our target and it’s been less than two days from launch! First, a sincere thank you to everyone who backed us or shared the app on social media: you guys rock! Since it looks likely that we will hit out target, it’s time to consider some “stretch … Continue reading Day 2 Mobile App Update: $8,945 of $10,000 raised! […]

Travis Allen

Return to Normalcy: 1/19/15 Banned List Update

Wed, 21 Jan 2015
By: Travis Allen EDITOR’S NOTE: Help us build the world’s best MTG Trading app! Support us on Kickstarter HERE. There’s a single refrain going through my head Monday morning. At 10:52 am EST the new banned and restricted list went up, and here’s what went down: Modern Banned: Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, Birthing Pod Unbanned: Golgari Grave-Troll … Continue reading Return to Normalcy: 1/19/15 Banned List Update […]

Modern gain - last day

Card Set Price Gain
VengevineRise of the Eldrazi$14.54+1.25
Blightsteel ColossusMirrodin Besieged$18.19+.60
Primeval TitanM12$14.31+.44
Ashiok, Nightmare WeaverTheros$9.98+.40

Modern loss - last day

Card Set Price Loss
Golgari Grave-TrollRavnica$10.0-4.61
Scion of the Ur-DragonTime Spiral$5.0-2.67
Gilded LotusM13$6.0-2.04
Snapcaster MageInnistrad$32.61-1.34

Modern gain - last week

Card Set Price Gain
Stoneforge MysticWorldwake$32.83+7.64
Chalice of the VoidMirrodin$24.49+3.90
Liliana of the VeilInnistrad$59.57+2.50
Chalice of the VoidModern Masters$21.99+2.25