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Guo Heng Chin

Foraging for Truffles: Cheap Shocks

Tue, 21 Oct 2014
By: Guo Heng Chin Chin What does a person who bought Bitcoins in October 2011 have in common with a person who bought a playset of every Zendikar fetchland during the same time? They both took a nice long ride on the Treasure Cruise. Well, one has probably made quite a significant sum of money while the […]

Jared Yost

What’s Your Standard Deck Worth?

Mon, 20 Oct 2014
By: Jared Yost Something I’m interested in seeing is the value of Standard decks over time, especially in light of the combination of the new setup of blocks/sets and the Standard rotation changes made by Wizards. These changes are happening once Khans block fully enters the Standard card pool and the final core set is […]

James Chillcott

Weekend Tournament Coverage: GP Los Angeles + SCG Worster Open

Sun, 19 Oct 2014
By: James Chillcott by James Chillcott (@MTGCritic) 10:15pm UPDATE: Daniel Scheid takes down GPLA with G/R Monsters, beating Mono-Red Aggro, and proving that Stormbreath Dragon is far from being obsolete in the new fall Standard format. Daniel reports that he went 7-0 against Abzan during the tournament to nab the win. Anger of the Gods also looks better […]

James Chillcott


Sat, 18 Oct 2014
By: James Chillcott (@MTGCritic) Here’s your weekly update on what’s been shifting around in price in the world of paper Magic: The Gathering this week. Overall, with the release of Khans of Tarkir still echoing through a refreshed and dynamic standard metgame, most of the movers and shakers are found in that format. 10 Winners […]

Cliff Daigle

Vanishing Returns

Fri, 17 Oct 2014
By: Cliff Daigle I have two simple questions for you today: First, what is the monetary value of your collection? We have a tool for this here at MTGPrice; if you’ve entered every card you own into our system you’ll have access to your collection’s value as it fluctuates, as well as telling you what […]

Modern gain - last day

Card Set Price Gain
Chandra's SpitfireM11$2.75+2.56
Blood Moon8th Edition$20.82+0.83
Eldrazi MonumentZendikar$10.01+0.83
Auriok ChampionFifth Dawn$16.84+0.63
Herald of TormentBorn of the Gods$2.12+0.56

Modern loss - last day

Card Set Price Loss
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$191.89-3.02
Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir$17.75-1.51
Dig Through TimeKhans of Tarkir$12.58-1.21
DamnationPlanar Chaos$44.13-1.14

Modern gain - last week

Card Set Price Gain
Wingmate RocKhans of Tarkir$20.12+5.24
Perilous VaultM15$8.67+5.13
Dig Through TimeKhans of Tarkir$12.58+4.42
Glittering WishFuture Sight$19.36+3.37
Blood Moon9th Edition$19.49+3.25

Modern loss - last week

Card Set Price Loss
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$191.89-3.52
Liliana of the VeilInnistrad$66.2-2.44
Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerKhans of Tarkir$40.43-2.24
Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir$17.75-2.2
Sliver LegionFuture Sight$50.12-1.97