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Houston Whitehead

Coolest Ginger You Know (Part 2)

Fri, 22 May 2015
By: Houston Whitehead Before reading, read Coolest Ginger You Know (Part 1). …as a podcaster Out of all the content creation choices in the Magic Community, why Podcasting?  I have no idea.  I’ve never been the best story teller. I’ve never desired a position of leadership or had a desire to build a brand.  I wasn’t … Continue reading Coolest Ginger You Know (Part 2) […]

Ross Lennon

PROTRADER: Modern History 101 – Eighth Edition and Mirrodin

Fri, 22 May 2015
By: Ross Lennon BRIEF TEMPORAL ASIDE: I’m jealous of all of you who are reading this, because you are living in a time when Modern Masters 2015 has come out, while I am currently trapped in the past. Are you gonna crack some packs? I know I am! Cracking packs is so much fun. Rather than talking about … Continue reading PROTRADER: Modern History 101 – Eighth Edition and Mirrodin […]

Cliff Daigle

Safe For Now

Fri, 22 May 2015
By: Cliff Daigle Right now, we know what’s in Modern Masters 2015. We know what the From the Vault set this summer will be. We know the story lines behind the summer and fall sets. Recent history has taught us anything, it’s that anything not on the reserve list is fair game for reprints. Whether … Continue reading Safe For Now […]

Douglas Johnson

Selling Collections Through Facebook

Thu, 21 May 2015
By: Douglas Johnson Alright, so last week we went over how to find people selling their cards on Facebook for buylist prices, and how to negotiate a deal so that you don’t get scammed. I mentioned that sellers were between the two extremes of, “I want to sell my cards for SCG prices over Facebook” and “Please buy these … Continue reading Selling Collections Through Facebook […]

Guo Heng Chin

PROTRADER: Picks for the Modern Season

Thu, 21 May 2015
By: Guo Heng Chin Modern Masters 2015 is out this weekend and may the odds of cracking mythics be ever in your favor if you are celebrating the set’s release with a draft, a sealed pool or a whole booster box. There is something else around the corner, albeit slightly further away, but very relevant to the Modern … Continue reading PROTRADER: Picks for the Modern Season […]

Modern gain - last day

Card Set Price Gain
Collected CompanyDragons of Tarkir$11.15+2.66
SpellskiteNew Phyrexia$20.92+2.16
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn Restored$26.27+1.06
TarmogoyfFuture Sight$172.74+1.00
Karn LiberatedNew Phyrexia$44.75+.79

Modern loss - last week

Card Set Price Loss
Blood Moon9th Edition$17.8-4.06
Dragonlord OjutaiDragons of Tarkir$33.63-3.84
Liliana of the VeilInnistrad$82.67-3.11
Blood Moon8th Edition$22.55-2.49