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The financial aspect of Magic: The Gathering is one of the most important parts of the metagame. Knowing when to buy and sell cards to make or save money, and how to price them, is one of the most important skill sets that a Magic player or aspiring vendor can have. MTGPrice helps keep you at the top of your game with our daily card price index, fast movers lists, weekly articles by the best MTGFinance minds in the business, the MTGFastFinance podcast co-hosted by James Chillcott & Travis Allen, as well as the Pro Trader Discord channels, where all the action goes down.

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"The MTGPrice Pro Trader tools gave me everything I needed to keep up to date on card prices and identify the holes in the market that lead to playing Magic for less. It was working so well, I joined the team. If you're serious about making or saving money playing Magic: The Gathering, you should be serious about being a ProTrader."

James Chillcott


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"MTG Price discord opened up my eyes to the strategies, thought processes, and best practices for MTG finance. It made me realized how much I don't know, and gives me a forum and the contacts needed to take my MTG finance strategy to the next level. And at a minimum, if you follow one or two ohot tips offered by subscribers, you'll easily pay for your subscription for the full year.”

- Derek Brandt

"Within two weeks of joining MTG Price, I had established a relationship with another member for European arbitrage, and acquired cards with an expected return of over 3 times my annual membership."

- Tim Rayburn (Owner of Game Night Games & eSports)

“MTGPrice has helped me more than giving me spec targets. They've taught me how to intelligently invest my money to give me great buylist returns when trading just can't cut it. I turned "bulk" and small trophy cards into reserved list and masterpiece targets with little effort.” 

- Michael Maass

Global Leader in MTGFinance Content

Our experienced team of MTGFinance pros provides weekly content covering all the cards that are on the move across the breadth of Magic: The Gathering play formats. Pro Traders get a 48 hour head start on everyone else, with all of our content locked until our members can take full advantage of the latest tips. Whether we’re breaking down the metagame of your favorite format, covering the Mythic Championships or uncovering the latest in cross-border arbitrage, our articles & analysis will help you get the most out of the best card game on the planet.

MTGPrice is the home of the world’s leading MTGFinance podcast. Co-hosts Travis Allen & James Chillcott take listeners through a four segment cast each and every week, breaking down the biggest movers of the week, 5-6 specs to watch, the metagame week in review and a discussion of the week’s events or interview segment with MTGFinance pros and Magic Professional players. This 90-120 min podcast might not be fast, but it certainly is much listen content for those interested in making or saving on Magic: The Gathering! Naturally, Pro Traders get the usual 48 hour head start on each weekly podcast.

MTGFastFinance Podcast

Our Pro Traders maximize their value through a very active set of 10+ Discord channels, swapping tips, striking deals and socializing with friends and business partners. Recently launched, this gathering place has quickly become one of most valuable part of our subscription.

Pro Trader Discord Channels

Card Details Pages

Our card details pages for every Magic: The Gathering card ever made provide detailed price history, as well current pricing from many of the top Magic vendors in North America. Compare your options with handy version comparisons, vendor price histories and the lowest available NM copies on, Ebay & Amazon.

Save time and make more money buylisting your unused Magic cards by comparing the best offers from the top vendors in North America.

Buylist Better

Coming in Q4 2019 is a completely overhauled collection & spec management tool set for our Pro Traders, including all the latest in handy tools to track your cards, measure your returns and identify the latest in arbitrage opportunities.

Launching in 2019


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