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Updated: Wed Jul 14 23:18:14 UTC 2021

   50 biggest gainers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
The Great Henge (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$52.37+52.37
Nyxbloom Ancient (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$24.62+24.62
Shadowspear (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$20.99+20.99
Nyxbloom AncientTheros Beyond Death$20.83+20.83
Field of the DeadCore Set 2020$19.5+19.50
Oko, Thief of Crowns (Borderless)Throne of Eldraine$17.25+17.25
Smothering TitheRavnica Allegiance$16.95+16.95
Underworld Breach (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$16.95+16.95
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$15.48+15.48
Oko, Thief of CrownsThrone of Eldraine$14.3+14.30
Embercleave (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$13.71+13.71
Questing Beast (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$12.99+12.99
Watery GraveGuilds of Ravnica$11.49+11.49
Heliod, Sun-CrownedTheros Beyond Death$11.4+11.40
Castle Locthwain (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$10.99+10.99
Heliod, Sun-Crowned (Showcase)Theros Beyond Death$10.99+10.99
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$10.74+10.74
Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingThrone of Eldraine$9.99+9.99
Chulane, Teller of TalesThrone of Eldraine$9.88+9.88
Guardian ProjectRavnica Allegiance$9.49+9.49
Thassa's Oracle (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$8.99+8.99
Castle Garenbrig (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$8.62+8.62
Serpent of Yawning DepthsTheros Beyond Death$8.25+8.25
Wishclaw Talisman (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$7.88+7.88
Sorin, Imperious BloodlordCore Set 2020$7.79+7.79
Return of the Wildspeaker (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$7.42+7.42
Fabled Passage (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$6.99+6.99
Rankle, Master of Pranks (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$6.99+6.99
Thassa, Deep-Dwelling (Showcase)Theros Beyond Death$6.99+6.99
Faeburrow Elder (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$6.74+6.74
Nyx Lotus (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$6.74+6.74
Castle Ardenvale (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$6.64+6.64
Divine VisitationGuilds of Ravnica$6.04+6.04
Idyllic Tutor (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$5.86+5.86
Setessan Champion (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$5.71+5.71
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$5.29+5.29
Castle Vantress (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$5.25+5.25
Veil of SummerCore Set 2020$5.1+5.10
Questing BeastThrone of Eldraine$5.08+5.08
Ayara, First of Locthwain (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.99+4.99
Finale of RevelationWar of the Spark$4.99+4.99
Torbran, Thane of Red Fell (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.64+4.64
Stonecoil Serpent (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.58+4.58
Heliod's Intervention (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$4.5+4.50
Hushbringer (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.43+4.43
The Magic Mirror (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.41+4.41
Gilded Goose (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.38+4.38
Castle Embereth (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.37+4.37
Arasta of the Endless Web (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$4.35+4.35
Feasting Troll King (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$4.11+4.11

   50 biggest Losers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Chandra, Awakened InfernoCore Set 2020$3.05-7.94
ShadowspearTheros Beyond Death$15.5-7.49
Finale of DevastationWar of the Spark$19.28-5.71
Cavalier of ThornsCore Set 2020$6.49-5.50
Omnath, Locus of the RoilCore Set 2020$4.99-5.00
Sacred FoundryGuilds of Ravnica$14.99-5.00
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$34.99-5.00
Kiora Bests the Sea GodTheros Beyond Death$7.09-4.90
Rakdos, the ShowstopperRavnica Allegiance$4.24-4.75
Rotting RegisaurCore Set 2020$1.1-4.39
Bishop of WingsCore Set 2020$3.14-4.35
Yarok, the DesecratedCore Set 2020$2.09-3.90
Leyline of the VoidCore Set 2020$3.58-3.41
The Magic MirrorThrone of Eldraine$2.69-3.30
Icon of AncestryCore Set 2020$0.81-3.18
Temple GardenGuilds of Ravnica$10.97-3.02
Teferi, Time RavelerWar of the Spark$9.99-3.00
Dawn of HopeGuilds of Ravnica$0.49-2.90
Spark DoubleWar of the Spark$4.16-2.83
Calix, Destiny's HandTheros Beyond Death$1.17-2.82
Leyline of SanctityCore Set 2020$2.78-2.71
Setessan ChampionTheros Beyond Death$0.82-2.67
EmbercleaveThrone of Eldraine$5.49-2.50
Narset's ReversalWar of the Spark$5.49-2.50
Leyline of AbundanceCore Set 2020$0.72-2.47
Mystic ForgeCore Set 2020$2.06-2.43
Kethis, the Hidden HandCore Set 2020$3.59-2.40
Dread PresenceCore Set 2020$1.84-2.14
Leyline of AnticipationCore Set 2020$1.94-2.05
Finale of GloryWar of the Spark$1.49-2.00
Thassa, Deep-DwellingTheros Beyond Death$8.99-2.00
Vivien, Arkbow RangerCore Set 2020$1.49-2.00
Steam VentsGuilds of Ravnica$12.0-1.99
Arasta of the Endless WebTheros Beyond Death$0.23-1.76
Karn's BastionWar of the Spark$2.15-1.74
Aurelia, Exemplar of JusticeGuilds of Ravnica$1.78-1.71
Niv-Mizzet, ParunGuilds of Ravnica$2.28-1.71
Castle GarenbrigThrone of Eldraine$3.29-1.70
Hallowed FountainRavnica Allegiance$9.31-1.68
Priest of Forgotten GodsRavnica Allegiance$3.34-1.65
Niv-Mizzet RebornWar of the Spark$0.85-1.64
God-Eternal KefnetWar of the Spark$2.25-1.54
Vilis, Broker of BloodCore Set 2020$6.48-1.51
Thassa's OracleTheros Beyond Death$8.49-1.50
Colossus HammerCore Set 2020$2.5-1.49
Golos, Tireless PilgrimCore Set 2020$1.83-1.46
Destiny SpinnerTheros Beyond Death$0.55-1.44
Elvish ReclaimerCore Set 2020$5.56-1.43
Scheming SymmetryCore Set 2020$4.57-1.42
Charming PrinceThrone of Eldraine$1.61-1.38