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Updated: Wed Nov 30 23:18:50 UTC 2022

   50 biggest gainers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$55.99+3.89
Steam VentsGuilds of Ravnica$14.8+2.09
Heliod, Sun-CrownedTheros Beyond Death$18.16+2.07
Nyxbloom Ancient (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$27.75+1.79
Kroxa, Titan of Death's HungerTheros Beyond Death$17.98+1.74
Voracious HydraCore Set 2020$4.73+1.73
Stomping GroundRavnica Allegiance$9.63+1.49
Underworld BreachTheros Beyond Death$8.2+1.21
Arasta of the Endless Web (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$3.74+1.10
Wildfire ElementalCore Set 2020$1.24+1.09
Arclight PhoenixGuilds of Ravnica$5.49+1.07
Smothering TitheRavnica Allegiance$20.98+1.04
Daxos, Blessed by the SunTheros Beyond Death$1.26+1.03
MountainGuilds of Ravnica$1.78+1.03
Opportunistic Dragon (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$1.51+1.02
ForestGuilds of Ravnica$1.84+1.01
Rankle, Master of Pranks (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$13.11+1.01
Dark RemedyCore Set 2020$1.09+1.00
Dryad of the Ilysian GroveTheros Beyond Death$14.99+1.00
PlainsRavnica Allegiance$1.37+1.00
Rampaging MonumentGuilds of Ravnica$1.01+1.00
Shifting CeratopsCore Set 2020$1.16+1.00
Demon of LoathingTheros Beyond Death$1.17+1.00
Goblin CratermakerGuilds of Ravnica$1.2+0.99
Heartwarming RedemptionWar of the Spark$1.07+0.99
IslandGuilds of Ravnica$1.57+0.99
Agonizing SyphonCore Set 2020$1.0+0.99
Blacklance Paragon (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$1.61+0.99
Bleeding EdgeWar of the Spark$1.02+0.99
Book DevourerGuilds of Ravnica$1.0+0.99
Cavalcade of CalamityRavnica Allegiance$1.09+0.99
Centaur NurturerWar of the Spark$1.0+0.99
ConvoluteCore Set 2020$1.0+0.99
Doom Foretold (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$1.96+0.99
Elite GuardmageWar of the Spark$1.14+0.99
Fires of Invention (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$3.59+0.99
Grasping ThrullRavnica Allegiance$1.0+0.99
Hypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric GlareThrone of Eldraine$1.09+0.99
Inescapable BlazeGuilds of Ravnica$1.0+0.99
Knight of SorrowsRavnica Allegiance$1.0+0.99
Leyline ProwlerWar of the Spark$1.09+0.99
Mammoth SpiderCore Set 2020$1.0+0.99
Moment of HeroismCore Set 2020$1.0+0.99
Oko's AccomplicesThrone of Eldraine$1.09+0.99
Parhelion PatrolGuilds of Ravnica$1.0+0.99
Prying EyesRavnica Allegiance$1.0+0.99
Rafter DemonRavnica Allegiance$1.0+0.99
Ripscale PredatorCore Set 2020$1.0+0.99
Shining ArmorThrone of Eldraine$1.0+0.99
Sky Theater StrixWar of the Spark$1.0+0.99

   50 biggest Losers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Teferi, Time RavelerWar of the Spark$14.98-5.01
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$29.7-2.35
EmbercleaveThrone of Eldraine$6.95-1.64
Brazen Borrower // Petty TheftThrone of Eldraine$6.46-1.54
Vilis, Broker of BloodCore Set 2020$5.47-1.39
Questing Beast (Extended Art)Throne of Eldraine$14.0-1.27
Shimmer DragonThrone of Eldraine$2.79-1.10
Bronzehide LionTheros Beyond Death$0.16-1.03
Drag to the UnderworldTheros Beyond Death$0.01-1.02
Mantle of the WolfTheros Beyond Death$0.07-1.02
Omen of the SeaTheros Beyond Death$0.06-1.01
Temple of EnlightenmentTheros Beyond Death$0.17-1.01
Goblin SmugglerCore Set 2020$0.01-1.00
Lightning StormkinCore Set 2020$0.02-1.00
Sweet OblivionTheros Beyond Death$0.01-1.00
Thought CollapseRavnica Allegiance$0.08-1.00
Ahn-Crop InvaderWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Angelic GiftCore Set 2020$0.01-0.99
Barging SergeantGuilds of Ravnica$0.01-0.99
Barrier of BonesGuilds of Ravnica$0.03-0.99
Barrow WitchesThrone of Eldraine$0.01-0.99
BlindblastWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Bring to TrialRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Bulwark GiantWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Chandra's OutrageCore Set 2020$0.01-0.99
Chandra's TriumphWar of the Spark$0.03-0.99
Civic StalwartRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Collar the CulpritGuilds of Ravnica$0.01-0.99
Consign to the PitRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Cyclops ElectromancerWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Defiant StrikeWar of the Spark$0.03-0.99
DemolishWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Destructive DiggerCore Set 2020$0.01-0.99
Elite InstructorTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99
Entrancing LyreTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99
Evolving WildsCore Set 2020$0.1-0.99
Expose to DaylightRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Feral MaakaRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Fortress CrabCore Set 2020$0.01-0.99
Gideon's CompanyWar of the Spark$0.25-0.99
Herald of the SunCore Set 2020$0.03-0.99
IchthyomorphosisTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99
Inevitable EndTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99
Ironshell BeetleGuilds of Ravnica$0.01-0.99
Lagonna-Band StorytellerTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99
Passwall AdeptGuilds of Ravnica$0.01-0.99
Primordial WurmWar of the Spark$0.01-0.99
Raise the AlarmCore Set 2020$0.01-0.99
Rubblebelt RunnerRavnica Allegiance$0.01-0.99
Rumbling SentryTheros Beyond Death$0.01-0.99