API Access (BETA) offers a free basic API with our Fair Trade Prices for each card, updated daily. We just have a couple of restrictions on usage:

1. If you use the prices from the API on a web page or in a mobile app, please include the following html on the page the price appears in at least 10-point font:

MTG Price data provided by:

2. If you plan to use this data to keep your store prices up to date, let us know first. This use is fine but we may want to talk to you to improve it. If you're planning on using the price data for, say, ebay listings we would greatly appreciate it if you included the above link.

3. This service is free. It costs us money to run it. Please don't abuse it. We reserve the right to cut service, without notice, from anyone we deem to be misusing the service.

4. Please cache the results you get back. Right now, we only update daily (it will be hourly soon) so there is no need to re-fetch the same data more than 1-2 times in a day, per set.

5. (very important!) This is a BETA product. Prices will be wrong, period. All we can promise is to try to get them fixed if anyone tells us - having good prices is important to us, so let us know if anything looks odd.

NOTE: We plan on giving people with ProTrader accounts access to more data, including buylist prices.

To sign up for an API key, please email us at with your full name, your email address, your company name and website address and the title "API Access"