MTG Card Price Tracker

Updated: Sun May 31 23:34:19 UTC 2020

   50 biggest gainers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Gain
Vorinclex, Voice of HungerNew Phyrexia$35.49+28.08
Pact of NegationFuture Sight$38.7+25.27
Blightsteel ColossusMirrodin Besieged$69.88+17.90
Oracle of Mul DayaZendikar$50.98+13.99
Greater Good9th Edition$18.99+12.47
Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothPlanar Chaos$28.39+10.78
Doubling Cube10th Edition$34.99+9.85
Liliana of the Dark RealmsM13$22.88+9.82
Ugin, the Spirit DragonFate Reforged$57.73+9.74
TwincastSaviors of Kamigawa$11.49+8.07
Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$75.86+5.91
Carnage TyrantIxalan$10.49+5.49
Seedborn Muse10th Edition$15.89+4.90
Blood CryptDissension$27.44+4.44
Plunge into DarknessFifth Dawn$10.98+4.44
Twincast10th Edition$12.99+4.39
Doubling CubeFifth Dawn$26.37+4.37
Boseiju, Who Shelters AllChampions of Kamigawa$24.82+4.27
Godless ShrineGuildpact$18.5+3.66
Sensei's Divining TopChampions of Kamigawa$49.99+3.54
Rise of the Dark RealmsM14$24.5+3.51
Defense Grid9th Edition$11.74+3.49
Echo of EonsModern Horizons$11.42+3.21
Underground River9th Edition$8.32+2.97
Darksteel PlateMirrodin Besieged$14.0+2.95
Sword of Truth and JusticeModern Horizons$16.0+2.84
Zo-Zu the PunisherChampions of Kamigawa$7.98+2.83
Alhammarret's ArchiveMagic Origins$18.73+2.74
Kozilek, the Great DistortionOath of the Gatewatch$10.94+2.65
Sheoldred, Whispering OneNew Phyrexia$28.9+2.55
Finale of DevastationWar of the Spark$20.48+2.49
Seasoned PyromancerModern Horizons$14.67+2.49
Splinter TwinRise of the Eldrazi$11.87+2.48
Ink-Eyes, Servant of OniBetrayers of Kamigawa$15.28+2.28
Sliver LegionFuture Sight$106.0+2.26
Khalni HydraRise of the Eldrazi$16.49+2.25
Urza, Lord High ArtificerModern Horizons$38.97+2.23
Noxious RevivalNew Phyrexia$9.95+2.16
Clifftop RetreatInnistrad$7.98+2.03
Kalonian HydraM14$20.98+2.03
Journey to EternityRivals of Ixalan$7.5+2.01
Seedborn Muse9th Edition$16.0+2.00
Pain MagnificationDissension$3.98+1.99
Thrumming StoneColdsnap$37.98+1.99
Ephara, God of the PolisBorn of the Gods$12.93+1.95
Saffi EriksdotterTime Spiral$10.5+1.89
Bear UmbraRise of the Eldrazi$8.29+1.87
Emrakul, the Aeons TornRise of the Eldrazi$27.84+1.86

   50 biggest Losers of the week

Card Name     Set     Price         Loss
Mana ReflectionShadowmoor$37.49-23.48
Primordial HydraM13$19.99-15.00
Magus of the MoonFuture Sight$15.65-8.34
Training GroundsRise of the Eldrazi$47.74-7.25
Mox OpalScars of Mirrodin$43.92-6.03
Exquisite BloodAvacyn Restored$45.64-5.84
Chalice of the VoidMirrodin$35.8-5.19
Elvish Piper9th Edition$0.0-4.49
Ad NauseamShards of Alara$34.68-4.32
Mikaeus, the UnhallowedDark Ascension$35.0-4.00
Unbound FlourishingModern Horizons$2.78-3.91
Time Stretch10th Edition$19.69-3.90
Cyclonic RiftReturn to Ravnica$34.0-3.69
Reforge the SoulAvacyn Restored$4.15-3.67
Gideon, Ally of ZendikarBattle for Zendikar$6.22-3.53
Uro, Titan of Nature's WrathTheros Beyond Death$37.97-3.52
Rings of BrighthearthLorwyn$51.2-3.32
Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$32.46-3.28
Razaketh, the FoulbloodedHour of Devastation$14.48-3.27
Akroma's MemorialM13$24.17-3.05
Jace, Vryn's ProdigyMagic Origins$29.49-3.00
Anointed ProcessionAmonkhet$21.0-2.99
Consecrated SphinxMirrodin Besieged$34.95-2.77
Walking BallistaAether Revolt$24.4-2.74
Gideon of the TrialsAmonkhet$12.25-2.71
Grave Pact10th Edition$16.87-2.71
Ajani, Strength of the PrideCore Set 2020$9.97-2.62
Cathars' CrusadeAvacyn Restored$4.77-2.48
Imp's MischiefPlanar Chaos$8.28-2.46
Nissa, Who Shakes the WorldWar of the Spark$5.15-2.33
Cavern of SoulsAvacyn Restored$55.99-2.01
Emrakul, the Promised EndEldritch Moon$37.99-2.00
Liliana of the Dark RealmsM14$12.89-2.00
Adarkar Wastes10th Edition$10.97-1.82
Dryad of the Ilysian Grove (Extended Art)Theros Beyond Death$13.52-1.80
Underrealm LichGuilds of Ravnica$5.99-1.75
Goblin King10th Edition$6.24-1.74
Steam VentsGuilds of Ravnica$10.29-1.66
Purphoros, God of the ForgeTheros$15.99-1.56
Kroxa, Titan of Death's HungerTheros Beyond Death$17.48-1.51
Mishra's BaubleColdsnap$14.99-1.51
Eldrazi ConscriptionRise of the Eldrazi$11.0-1.50
Jace, the Mind SculptorWorldwake$92.49-1.49
Botanical SanctumKaladesh$5.72-1.47
Assassin's TrophyGuilds of Ravnica$12.1-1.39
Resplendent AngelCore Set 2019$10.3-1.36
The Great HengeThrone of Eldraine$23.62-1.36
Nezahal, Primal TideRivals of Ixalan$6.54-1.34